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Ever met an Alpaca?

Ever met an Alpaca?

Just over the river Severn, there is a small business which is not on many peoples radar, although I think that's about to change with this guest post by Nicola Lowery.

This weekend we experienced a truly memorable Alpaca “Paca” Picnic.

In this pandemic world I have like many got back to nature, as this is one of few places where the world hasn’t changed, you can relax in the outdoors and can enjoy the rewarding experience of being with such beautiful animals.

Mad House Farm was established by James and his family is perfect for anyone who loves animals, being outside and is based in the rural hills of Shropshire.

In this tranquil and peaceful outdoor space, you can really take time to enjoy the countryside, get to know the alpacas in our surreally beautiful Countryside with friends or family. I loved all the alpacas and they’ve got such unique characters, but we particularly connected with Daisy and Gertrude ❤️

If anyone wants to get back to nature Mad House Farms Paca Picnics charge per household for exclusive and private use of your very own area where you can take your own food and drink or just go along and relax with the amazing animals.

It really is a uniquely memorable experience that I can recommend highly enough.

They’ve got so much planned at this special place and you can visit their website and Facebook page here:

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