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Gogglebox stars head for Telford

Gogglebox stars head for Telford

Jake Hevingham got in touch to share whats happening with the Little Leighton fundraiser, which Sandy and Sandra from Gogglebox are attending.

"I am currently running a raffle for a young child in Madeley , who has been suffering with sever headaches for a couple of years. The doctors kept pieing them off, they went for a second opinion and discovered a brain tumour.

"To raise funds, I am running an event for the family so they can be at his side in hospital throughout his treatment, without the financial worry over their heads.

"So this is the good bit, as part of the event I’m running a raffle and over 180, yes 180 local Telford businesses that have all been hit hard have come together and donated some amazing prizes. From 50inch TVs to lip fillers the list is endless and I just really want people to know how close a community Telford is, and how everyone is pulling together .

"The gofundme page has raised £10k already, its such an amazing thing to see when time’s are so hard for everyone.

"It’s helping me keep focused with all of my work cancelled and no income for myself. But I’m just happy to help such a great cause."

The phone number for tickets and offers of help is on the flyer, or leave a comment and Jake will get in touch.

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