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Street Pastors are back out on patrol

Street Pastors are back out on patrol

Telford Street Pastors is made up of volunteers who work with police to help keep those enjoying a night out safe, whether that be providing water, a pair of flip flops or even a chat and making sure people get home safe.

The work carried by the group is vital to helping keep people safe during a night out.

PC Sharon Major of West Mercia Police, said: “The work the Street Pastors carry out is vital in helping us keep those enjoying a night out safe, especially people who may have become separated from their friends during a night out, or may be on their own.

“By having them present near busy clubs and bars, not only works as a deterrent to possible perpetrators, but also allows them to help people who may be having a difficult time. The Street Pastors are able to help them get home safely, or can provide a pair of flip flops to help them walk, or simply just have a chat if they are feeling particularly vulnerable.

“We work closely with the volunteers allowing us to check up on people who may need some assistance or look into anyone they see who may be acting suspiciously during their shift. They are a valuable asset to the force.”

Telford Street Pastors have been operating in the town since 2011. During a shift the volunteers will focus on busy areas, such as Wellington Town Centre and Telford Town Centre. The group has been running for 10 years, however the pandemic and recent lockdowns have meant their volunteer numbers have fallen.

Reverend Keith Osmund-Smith, from Telford Street Pastors said: “We love doing what we do and helping people when they need our support and ensuring they get home safe or find their friends.

“Unfortunately we have lost several volunteers over the past 18 months, and we are appealing for people who want to help their community to contact us. It is a very rewarding job helping to keep the public safe when they may be at their most vulnerable.”

If you would like to become a volunteer please contact Reverend Osmund-Smith by emailing

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