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GoCarz Driver warns of Strike Action

Up to 65 self-employed drivers of a local private hire business are thought to be preparing for strike action. They have warned passengers to expect disruption on Monday between 8am and 10am.

Telford Live has been contacted by a representative of driver group ‘GoCarz United” who are becoming frustrated with the plans of Veezu, owners of the GoCarz business for an increase in fares.

They told Telford Live “After a period of the cost of living rising dramatically and the continued rising fuel costs we GoCarz drivers petitioned Veezu for a fare increase.

“In 12 years the fares have risen by a measly 30p whilst licenses vehicle plates and other costs to be a private hire driver have gone through the roof. We have bared the brunt of these costs for too long and requested a fare increase to restore the balance.

“Veezu have responded with a pathetic 5% which barely covers the extra £20 rent they levied on us. This comes after they have introduced a surcharge on weekends of £1 where 50p of this goes to the company. A lot of customers and drivers are unhappy about this and really makes their offer of 5% more insulting.

“Despite requests to include us in their discussions they said they had all the info they needed.

“So with regret it has forced us drivers to take action in the form of a Strike Monday 15th November from 8am. We urge the public to book their fares to work as early as possible. We do not wish to upset the public but our hand has been forced into action.

“We hope the public can support us in this as more drivers are leaving the profession to deliver food and other jobs which are more profitable leaving customers experiencing long wait times.

“We hope Veezu (GoCarz) see the error of their ways and avoid any further disruption to our service.”

Veezu representatives have been contacted for a comment.

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