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One in, one out, what next for Wellington?

After a flood and Covid, The Beacon pub in Wellington has finally had a new carpet and has reopened for business.

A hugely popular Thursday night haunt for students and people who liked to think they were students, we have yet to see what gap in the market it will fill.
Just a couple of doors up, Co-op Funeral Care made a hasty exit on Thursday. A sign in the window at midday, the signs gone and locked up by 2pm.

There is a new feel for Wellington at the moment. Hit hard by Telford Shopping Centre and the growth of out of town retail parks close by, for 20 years it’s struggled to find it’s place.

New Market owners have stamped their mark with the food court, entertainment stage and incredible late night monthly opening which has attracted some very good operators, and the customers followed.

The Independent Cinema, Wellington Orbit, not just showing films seven days a week, but attracting Film Producers and experts for Q&As and talks.
Jakes music store has grown from the market and now has a fully fledged shop next door to one of two, yes two, zero waste refill shops in the town.

Add into the mix, the flexible co-working space, new cycle shop, a board games cafe, and a skate shop all due very soon, and you have a really interesting mix of shopping, and things to do. It’s been a long time missing.

While the Telford & Wrekin grants for new shop fronts, and youth projects have certainly helped tip a number of projects into action, it’s not been without the odd miss.

The Retro shop set up in conjunction with Wrekin College students rarely opened it’s doors, and on the Square, what was Coco Desserts and Maddies both closed during the lockdown. The hits are certainly outnumbering the misses, and there will be a tipping point soon where demand for premises outstrips supply.

Be prepared for the ‘itS fuLL ov ChaRiTy shOps’ comments, from people who haven’t been there, or seen the plans and announcements.  If you have not been for a while, you should try it for yourself.

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