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City Status: Milton Keynes yes, Telford no.

City Status: Milton Keynes yes, Telford no.

The Queen granted City status to a number of towns today, in including far flung Port Stanley in the Falklands, and not so far flung Wrexham.

Telford & Wrekin did not even apply but Milton Keynes, one year older than Telford, was successful in it’s bid.

While it would be a boost for the Council PR department and local sign writers, it’s hard to think the benefits for your average Telford person would be measurable.

A change to the football club name maybe, but it’s not like we were going to start digging an underground railway, or building Telford Cathedral.

At least we can now breathe a sigh of relief that Shrewsbury didn’t get it either, and we still have the title of Britain’s Best Seaside Town to fall back on.

Do you think Telford should apply to be a city in the future?

4 thoughts on “City Status: Milton Keynes yes, Telford no.

  • Shrewsbury deserves the city status more than Telford does Shrewsbury has history

  • We need to have a new Telford and East Shropshire hospital Trust with a fully functioning hospital, not what we have now. If City status could help that then yes I would be for it

  • I wish they would stop trying to make Telford a city Its getting so over run and ruined it’s such a nice town but were losing lots of the area through development Its a shame Let’s keep it as a town please


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