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Fancy some local folklore and paranormal?

Fancy some local folklore and paranormal?

Local writer Amy Boucher has been researching and writing about the weird in Telford and beyond for a while. Looking through the comments on Telford Live, you’d be forgiven for thinking there is plenty of weird to go at, but this is more about ghosts, witches and eccentricity.

In an extract from the latest piece ”Madeley- a paranormal history’

“Our story really starts In June 1882, in Madeley. (Madeley was known as Madeley on Severn at this point) A local man was busy cleaning out his chimney, when he came across a piece of folded paper, sealed with red wax on one of the joists of his chimney. The outside had been blackened with soot and age – and he was pretty sure he hadn’t put it there. So, he decided to take a peek. Upon opening he found it contained the following worlds, neatly written in some unknown hand…’

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We caught up with Amy to find out more: “Shropshire, for me is a wonderful place and when thinking of the area, its hard not to call to mind the myriad stories which litter the landscape. I think of the ghosts, giants, Sin eaters and the mermaids, and of course the coracle men that all contribute to the wider story of Shropshire.”

Amy continues; ” I started this journey nearly three years ago after a very tough period of my life, but in reality- Folklore has always been there for me. I grew up in the shadow of the Wrekin, which was placed there by a giant, at least I was told, and it instilled in me a fascination for the landscape I called home. I’ve always loved stories of the Devil, local witches, wizards, ghosts, and eccentric’s (perhaps I saw a little of myself in them) and this transferred itself into my creative process. ”

Some of Amy’s articles are indeed reaching a wider audience from being featured in the national ‘Haunted’ Magazine.
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