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Shropshire Star facilities up for sale

Shropshire Star facilities up for sale

If you are looking for a factory to print a local newspaper, the Ketley head office of Midland News Association’ Shropshire Star is up for sale on Rightmove.

The paper has been suffering with dwindling circulation, like all printed titles over the last few years, but this factory has printed both the Shropshire Star and the Express & Star, once the biggest local daily paper, here since the 1960s.

The Telford Journal took a break during Covid but is usually printed here, along with other weeklies.

According to industry sources, the printing will be outsourced to a third party, likely to be outside of the county, in Deeside or Oxford.

I have asked the Star for a comment, but we’re not really on speaking terms!

It’s tough for newspaper publishers. And while I am critical of the Star (mainly for stealing my content), we’ll all miss it, if it goes.

2 thoughts on “Shropshire Star facilities up for sale

  • The Star is being printed in Oxford at the moment, we had a HGV driver a few weeks back telling us he’d been collecting the Shropshire Star from Oxford everyday.

  • My Grandad ran the print works in the day. My Nan got a free Shropshire Star daily & used to walk to the Ketley office every day to collect it


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