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Telford opticians races to support local students

Telford opticians races to support local students

A local opticians has supplied members of a university racing team with bespoke eye and ear care to help improve their performance on the track.

Specsavers in the Telford Shopping Centre are sponsors of the University of Wolverhampton Racing Team (UWR), the only university team in the country competing professionally. As part of
their partnership, they have provided the two drivers, Shane Kelly and George Line with contact lenses and bespoke ear plugs respectively.

‘We’ve been supporting UWR for five years so we were only too happy to help,’ says Specsavers Telford dispensing optician, Jack Hearne. ‘It’s really important to us that we do our bit to keep the
team’s eyes and ears healthy. Drivers need to have sharp vision and a wide field of view at high speeds, and they’re also exposed to high levels of noise so it’s essential that they have the proper corrective eyewear that’s comfortable when spending long periods wearing a helmet, and that their ears are protected from the high noise levels.’

‘The moulded ear plugs provided by Specsavers Telford for the UWR team have been incredible,’ Shane Kelly, pro-driver at UWR comments. ‘It’s vital to be able to communicate with the team
without completely blanking out the noise of the engine. Hearing the revs of the engine, while reducing the sounds from the outside world, gives me a greater sense of how the car is performing. They would give any pro-driver greater peace of mind.

‘Our students are also making fantastic use of the ear defenders, both in the workshop and at the racing circuits we visit around the country. Specsavers Telford are helping us keep our students
safe so they can concentrate on engineering the cars to keep our drivers at the top of the championship.’

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