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Telford Community Champion carries the Queens Baton

Telford Community Champion carries the Queens Baton

Julie Kaur from Jules Convenience Store is well know locally for her charity work, and this has resulted in Julie being nominated to carry the Queens Baton later this month,

Amongst the 8,000 nominees put forward for the prestigious opportunity, Julie’s dedication to her community and countless charitable efforts set her apart and awarded her the chance to be the Queens baton-bearer for the West Midlands.

Batonbearers are people who:
* Are always willing to take on a challenge and has a unique and inspiring story;
* Have made a meaningful contribution to sport, education, the arts, culture, or charity;
* Are a figure of inspiration that positively challenges others to achieve their best;
* Have taken on a challenge or cause and made a positive impact within their community!
Next month, Julie will be proudly running in the baton relay race. We hope to see you all supporting and cheering her on the big day.

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