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Expect Delays

Expect Delays

No, it’s not a mistake! A road in Telford has been closed for 991 days.

The road near Telford Shopping Centre that services offices is closed for the upcoming redevelopment of the Station Quarter.

Office building around the area have already been demolished in preparation for building works which will see homes and a hotel amongst the first stage of the £22m government funded project.


One thought on “Expect Delays

  • Calling everything a “quarter” Maybe the council thinks its trendy but its ridiculous, with a station called central when you hear visitors asking, we’ll Where’s the town centre? The council seem to want to address the town centre in which rents for businesses will be very high and neglect the areas that founded Telford.

    They sign off on soulless developments in the suburbs with no amenities for residents but pump money into the town centre thinking that’s what everyone wants.


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