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Another High St store set to close in Telford

It doesn’t seem like five minutes since the news that Wilkos was closing, leaving a hole in the High Street and yet here we are again.

While, almost incredulously, small towns like Wellington have very few empty shops as experience-based businesses and independent stores open up, the old stalwarts have been toppling like dominoes.

The latest news from the BBC is that The Body Shop is closing 75 of its stores, including the one in Telford Shopping Centre, following the appointment of administrators last month.

This news comes in stark contrast to the number of new fast food and coffee brands that have been popping up in Telford. Costa, Starbucks, KFC, Five Guys and more on the way with Cosmo and Wingers franchises about to open.

One thing that has changed drastically over the last 4 years is the food delivery business. People who walk in to any one of the McDonalds in Telford are often fighting for space, and attention, with the many delivery drivers, collecting orders as many of you are turning to even ordering your food via the internet.

Makes me wonder why these food businesses are not set up on industrial estates where parking is easier and space is cheaper. We are seeing a number of Greggs outlets springing up in industrial locations, but it appears that these are there to cater for office and factory workers.

Always room in Telford for another Costa.

Pic: The Body Shop

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