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It’s hitting Gen X’ers up and down the UK, and it’s on its way to Telford next week.

Many people hold their noses up at day drinking, but events are popping up around the country delivering opportunities for exactly that. Line of Duty star Vicky McClure has been on the One Show extolling the benefits of going out early and coming back at a reasonable hour for people of a certain age and it’s hard to argue with the logic.

Gone are the days of going out at 10pm and rolling in at 3am having danced and drank yourself silly, but the mind is willing, even if our creaking bones are telling our brains that this is no longer us.

On Saturday 20th April, Night Fever in Wellington is running a Back to Cascades early evening, featuring all the music from late 80s, early 90’s that we all loved getting down to back in the day. Starting at 6pm and finishing at 9pm so we can all get home to feed the cat. We have responsibilities these days.

I caught up with DJ Korky and we reminisced about those more simple times. “I went to an event in Birmingham a few months back with friends and I easy to see why people of our age pack out venues.”

Too old to for Hardcore Drum & Bass, too young for Vera Lynn. There is certainly a place for it.

“Emerging into the street from a dark club at 9pm when all the kids are just starting to go our seemed a bit odd, but it was great. Easy to get the train back at 9pm compared to 2am.”

And so DJ Korky, who these days is a plumber by day and vinyl DJ by early evening, will be bringing back the bangers that you would have heard in Shimmers back in the day.

Tunes like New Shoes, I can’t wait and Inner City Good Life will be dusted off and the volume turned up to at least 8. DJ Korky recalls “Soul II Soul & Glen Goldsmith will certainly be making appearance on the decks. I sold much of my vinyl to fund getting into Cascades back then, so I’ve had to buy it all back over the years.

“We had some incredible nights at Cascades. People would come from Stoke and miles away, it was such a great night. It would be amazing recapture that feeling, even though we’re all a little bit older. a bit greyer, and bit more creaky. At least everyone coming to this night will be in the same boat.”

Entrance to the first event, entitled “Back to Cascades” is just £2 on the door.

Venue: Night Fever (by the bus & railway station) TF1 1PY

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