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Just Slytherin!

This grass snake was spotted in Telford Town Park this week, emerging from hibernation, but what should you do if you see one?

Grass snakes are, by far, the snake species that you are most likely to stunble across in the UK, and are absolutely harmless to humans.They feed on frogs and toads, so you will often find them around water where food is plentiful.

Having spent the winter underground, males & females emerge in April, the girls are often a bit late, to reproduce.If you come across one, just leave it alone. Sometimes they play dead when they feel threatened, even able to bleed through the mouth and nose to put predators off.

There may be one or two Adders in the park, so unless you are hot on identifying reptiles, best not to get involved. They don’t get aggressive unless attacked.

Pic: Richard Scott-Worthington

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