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Warning for motorists from Telford Cops

Telford & Wrekin Cops issued a warning to motorists who fail to keep their vehicles legal.

The warning comes after one motorist had their car loaded on the back of transporter yesterday, in King Street, Dawley.

The red Audi A3 was seized by Police “for having no tax & no Valid MOT”.

What happens when a car is seized like this for using it on a public road without tax? Firstly you have to find out where it is! You may return to a parking space and think it has been stolen. If you call 101, the Police will give you the location.

Once you know where the car has been impounded, you can then tax the car, as long as it has a valid MOT. Once taxed, take proof along to the car pound and pay your recovery fee of £150. The pain doesn’t end there, because each day it’s in the pound, you are racking up £20 a day in storage fees.

Whatever you do, don’t hang about, because unclaimed vehicles could be disposed of or sold after seven days, or 14 days for more valuable vehicles.

Pic: Telford & Wrekin Cops

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