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Wrekin Labour Announce Candidate

Rohualla (Roh) Yakobi, fled Taliban persecution and came to the UK in 2004, ending up in Wolverhampton as a refugee, Roh said on X that “I owe everything I have to this wonderful country. I am determined to pay back what I owe.”

“This election is an opportunity to put an end to 14 years of Tory chaos. It is time for change and a fresh start for our country. It is time for stability with Labour.

“Over the coming weeks, I will work tirelessly to earn the trust of voters of in The Wrekin.”

Roh was selected by Wrekin Labour on 25th May to challenge the seat currently held by Mark Pritchard MP.

One thought on “Wrekin Labour Announce Candidate

  • A great selection at short notice. An outsider to Telford that all of the local Labour Branches can support with out any internal arguments.

    His backstory is inspirational, to have come through so much but still have faith is the electoral process says a lot about the man.

    This is the type of candidate that represents Great Britain at its best. A man from village in Afghanistan, born in to war and tragedy can aspire to a seat in the House of Commons.


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