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Lucy Allan MP backs Telford Reform Candidate

Still the MP for Telford until Friday, Lucy Allan MP has posted on X “I am supporting Alan Adams to be Telford’s next MP. If you want to help Alan or donate to his campaign, sign up on his website http://alanadams.co.uk“.

This will no doubt come as a surprise to Hannah Campbell, the Conservative PPC who will be working to win the Telford constituency on July 4th. following Lucy’s decision not to stand for re-election.

Ms Allan told Telford Live! “Having committed the last 11 years to Telford, I genuinely want the best for the town and its future.

“Realistically, the Conservative Party under Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt cannot possibly win in Telford and do not deserve to. The Conservative Party in its current form is completely disconnected from the needs and concerns of Telford people. This is no longer the party they voted for. It has let them down. That leaves Telford people with no choice other than Cllr Shaun Davies to be their next MP.

“I believe they deserve a better choice. I have known Alan a long time. He is Telford through and through and if elected he would genuinely serve Telford. As a Royal Navy veteran, Alan knows what it means to serve. 

“Alan is the candidate who is most in touch with Telford people and best able to represent them. He will serve all residents, not just those who vote for him. Alan is not in it for personal advantage, power, or control over people. His motivation for standing for election is profoundly honourable. He will be honest with Telford and put Telford first.

“Alan gives Telford a choice, so that Telford does not have to settle for more of the same politics and same politicians. He offers Telford hope for a better future.”

Since endorsing the Reform UK candidate, Lucy Allan has been suspended by the Conservative Party.

While the candidates have not officially been approved by the returning officer yet, for Telford, we know that the following will be putting in nomination papers:

Alan Adams – Reform UK

Hannah Campbell – Conservative

Shaun Davies – Labour

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