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Telford Question Time

Following on from filming and broadcasting the full Telford & Wrekin Council Meetings live on YouTube, we thought you might like the opportunity to put a question to representatives of all the parties at the meeting.

Currently you can ask a question of the full council, but that is responded to by a nominated Councillor, you can’t get an alternative point of view to hear what the other parties think. For example, a hot topic at present is the planning regulations.  How would the Conservative opposition do things differently from the current Labour administration? Quite often we don’t even hear from the Liberal Democrats on their views. On the Council budget, it was asked at the presentation why the option of an increase in Council Tax wasn’t offered as an alternative to cutbacks in frontline services.  Would you like an answer to that?

Now is your chance.  We’ve lined up key Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat Councillors to take your questions and debate the topics, live.  You don’t have to submit your question in person, and you can do so anonymously.  We’re not part of the Council, they don’t pay us to this, we will NOT reveal your identity. All we ask is that you add your post code so we know you fall within the Telford & Wrekin Constituency.

Cut off date for questions is Monday 17th, 5PM. What’s your question?

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Notes:  We really want your questions addressed although we do reserve the right to group similar questions together to avoid repetition, or even not ask the question at all, if we don’t think it is appropriate or within the remit of this project. It may be that we hold your question over until the next event. We’re not here to give the councillors an easy ride!


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