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Is it a bird, is a plane?

Is it a bird, is a plane?

Message from a Telford Live follower who spotted this from Dawley Rd area, Wellington.

“Was wondering if anyone else saw this in the skies above glorious Telford about 6PM. It definitely wasn’t a lantern as it got alot brighter and the speed it went was unreal”


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One thought on “Is it a bird, is a plane?

  • I didn’t see that one, but I have seen a similar sighting a few years back over aqueduct. It looked like a lantern with blue fire underneath, but the speed it went was phenomenal, in seconds it shot off into the distance. I wrote to Fred Hoyle about it and he sent me some pictures of similar sightings over the Wrekin. So, don’t despair if you are not believed. I can confirm a similar experience,


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