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A tough time for Covid-19 affected businesses

A tough time for Covid-19 affected businesses

Many hospitality businesses in the area have seen business dip since the request from government to avoid pubs, clubs and theatres on Monday evening.

Telford Shopping Centre is remaining open, manager Glynn Morrow said "At this time Telford Centre provides critical support to the wider community through the provision of pharmacy, general health and well being supplements, food and general household supplies. As a result we remain open."

A plethora of events have been cancelled and postponed.
Telford & Wrekin Leisure Centres, Telford Ice Rink, Cineworld, The Place, Oakengates, Little Theatre, Donnington, The Wakes and now the community owned, independent cinema, Wellington Orbit have closed or have announced that they are about to close.

Not even open a year yet, The community have taken to Facebook to support Wellington Orbit, following their announcement that they will close on Thursday at 5pm. Chief Office Sophie Eades said "We are all very proud of Wellington Orbit, and so grateful for the support from the community since we opened last year. We are determined to be open again as soon as we can, subject to government advice."

Businesses in the Exhibition Sector were hit hard early, as events month in planning were cancelled with short notice. Press Red, an AV specialist in Telford who work all over Europe, have lost business in excess of £100,000.

Have you been affected?

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