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New student president thanks college for boosting her confidence

New student president thanks college for boosting her confidence

A teenager who relocated to the UK from Romania has been elected as the new
Telford Council student president.

Andreea Moise Alexandra, now living in Hadley, said the college had helped her to
build confidence, and find the courage to express herself.

The 18-year-old former Charlton School student is now in her second year at Telford
College, studying A levels in biology, chemistry and maths. She completed GCSE
English in her first year, gaining a grade four.

She said: “As a foreign student, having to take an exam in English wasn't easy, but
being alongside an amazing group of teachers makes your journey enjoyable.

“I came to England in 2019 when I was 16 years old, which was a hard time as my
English wasn’t the best, but Telford College helped me to find to my confidence and
courage to express myself.

“Telford College does not just give your freedom, it gives you a friendly atmosphere –
and most importantly a safe space.”

Andreea has already started making plans for her time as president, including
organising an end-of-year prom.

“Most of the people didn’t have a prom last year due to Covid, and I feel that it
restricts the full college experience if we are growing up without this.”

Looking to the future, Andreea has her sights on a career in biomedical science,
working as a clinical scientist.

“My first thought when I think about my life it is about having a great job and to travel.
I find it fascinating that outside of England, even in Europe, there are so many
different cultures, types of dishes, traditional events or clothes.”

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