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Heavy Horses at Ironbridge

Heavy Horses at Ironbridge

The sound of hooves will ring out on the cobbled streets of Blists Hill Victorian Town as the popular attraction hosts a Heavy Horse Weekend.

The Museum’s much-loved resident Shire horses, George, Casey & Bernie, will be joined by several other heavy horses across the weekend who will demonstrate the work of horses in industrial times.

Visitors will be able to watch the powerful animals pulling trade vehicles and will be able to see horses wearing a variety of harnesses, including those used for shunting on the railways and pulling barges on the canals.

Horses will also be on site alongside the vehicles and tools used for agriculture, including a horse logging demonstration in the woodlands.

People will also be able to learn about the art of plaiting a horse’s mane ready for showing, and how to harness a heavy horse, and on both days a farrier will show the skills needed to shoe a horse.

The Blists Hill Victorian Town horse Bus will run throughout the weekend and will be pulled on occasions by visiting exhibitor teams.

In addition to the heavy horse activities, visitors will be able to enjoy all of Blists Hill Victorian Town’s outdoor spaces including the new Madeley Wood Outdoor Adventure. Many visitors’ favourite traditional shops will be open too, including the Chemist, Grocers, Printers, Sweet Shop, Bakery and Victorian Emporium in the Boys Brigade Hut, and of course the Fried Fish Dealers!

The event takes place at Blists Hill Victorian Town on Saturday 14th May and Sunday 15th May.

To book your tickets please visit :

🐕 Please be aware, dogs are not permitted on site this weekend, except for assistance dogs 🐕

The Museum is delighted to be accreditated to The Shire Horse Society and are a proud member of the prestigious society.


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