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New Orbit Live Cinema Programme Announced

New Orbit Live Cinema Programme Announced

Live cinema has arrived at Telford’s only independent cinema bringing a whole new genre of cinema to the community’s doorstep.

Wellington Orbit, a community cinema and arts centre in the heart of Wellington, Shropshire has recently acquired equipment thanks to a grant from Wellington Town Council, which enables it to host live cinema event screenings. This opens the doors to an entirely new collection of events in its fully furnished 63-seat cinema boasting 7.1 surround sound and comfortable seats.

Damian Breeze, General Manager at Wellington Orbit said:

“The community have been asking for live cinema from day one and we are delighted to finally be able to launch our offering. This is an exciting time and our ability to offer such facilities allows us to provide a greater selection of screenings to our guests. Our programme will contain multiple genres ranging from theatre to concerts with our offering continuing to grow over time”.

Ray Hughes, Director at Wellington Orbit said:

“We recognise the cost of living restricts guests from experiencing some of the magical moments around the globe. Bringing live cinema to the community’s doorstep provides guests a unique opportunity to be as close to the action as possible whilst being more affordable”.

Some guests have already enjoyed the Orbit’s first live screenings of “Coldplay Music of the Spheres” late last month. Today, the Orbit has launched its live cinema programme featuring a great range of content including The Nutcracker from the Royal Ballet, screenings from the Royal Opera and much more right through to Summer 2023.

The Orbit opened in 2019 following years of community support and backing and intends to continue to bring the community together with this new addition. Tickets for screenings and details of what’s on can be found at or a physical programme can be collected from the Orbit café.

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