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Burglers strike Church on Christmas Morning

Burglers strike Church on Christmas Morning

In the early hours of Christmas morning the All-Nations Church in Ketley was broken into.

The only thing stolen was a custom gold Stratocaster guitar. The instrument was made for Joey Brickley by his father, one of 10 ever made.

Joey said “it the only sentimental thing I have from him.

“Please help me recover this, its Christmas Day and i’ve literally just woken up to this.

“The logo on the headstock says ‘CABAL’ which is my DADS guitar brand and he’s only ever made less than 10 guitars. It says custom guitar on the back of the headstock too. It is a shiny gold bodies stratocaster shape with a white pickup guard.

“Please help me find this, my Christmas is ruined and now the most significant thing my dad has ever given me is gone. If you see this being sold contact me ASAP.”

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