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Trains disrupted by strike action today

West Midlands Railway have no services operating today due to strike action from drivers union, ASLEF.

ASLEF General Secretary, Mick Whelan said: ‘Last month, when we announced renewed mandates for industrial action, because, under the Tories’ draconian anti-union laws, we have to ballot our members every six months, we called on the train companies, and the government, to come to the table for meaningful talks to negotiate a new pay deal for train drivers who have not had an increase in salary since 2019.”

A spokesperson for Rail Delivery Group said: “There are no winners from these strikes that will unfortunately cause disruption for our customers. We believe rail can have a bright future, but right now taxpayers are contributing an extra £54m a week to keep services running post covid.  

“ASLEF’s leadership need to recognise the financial challenge facing rail. Drivers have been made an offer which would take base salaries to nearly £65,000 for a four-day week before overtime.

Further disruption is expected throughout the month, but Transport for Wales services are unaffected.

One thought on “Trains disrupted by strike action today

  • What a disgrace a train driver on £65 thousand for a four day week . I really now believe to invest into Automation our rail service. I would sack the lot of them . Automation is the way forward. We’ve got the worst rail service in Europe. Overpriced, late, disruptions, awful.
    I would also close all ticket offices as 79% of people now buy rail tickets on line . Let’s have a decent rail service for the people like they do in Europe.


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