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Danielle Curran Zumba Instructor

Losing weight and getting fit is something many of us desire, but often people are scared of mixing with the musclebound or superfit at a gym, or are worried about what others might think.  Danielle Curran of Telford was just like this, but managed to turn her nervousness into a new career.  Danielle tells her story to Mike Tyler.

When did you start getting concerned about your diet and fitness?

As an overweight teenager I started my first diet at 15. This was the first of many unsuccessful attempts of dropping the pounds. I was an overeater. Not stopping when I was full and eating ALL the unhealthy foods and lots of it! As the years went on I tried many diets from Atkins to cabbage soup, slim fast to even not eat at all, constantly yo-yoing between 26 stone and 19 stone and have 2 children in-between. At 25 and 18 stone I joined the gym after thinking that maybe if I just hit the gym hard I’d lose weight, but even with this it wasn’t enough.

You were clearly looking to improve your lifestyle but hadn’t found the right method. What was the turning point when you thought you had found the answer?

I have always been a sponge for information and I thought, maybe if I wise up to how my body work then maybe that would help so I looked on the TCAT website to any courses in nutrition to help me change the way I saw food and help me choose and cook more wisely. I found a nutrition course but had to do a gym instructors course first. So off I went and enrolled, nervously because of my size, which I may add always caused problems when I wanted to go out in public!

One course led to another and 8 courses later I was a personal trainer and already 2 stone lighter
due to all the practical sessions and just eating better from what I’d learned.

How did you first get involved with Zumba?

Danielle Curran
Danielle Curran

In 2009 I had my daughter and after I had her I was back to 19 stone. Determined to get back to a healthy lifestyle I started healthy eating again and exercising and in October of 2010 a mate of mine asked me to come with her to a Zumba class. So off I went, half way through the class I said to my friend “I love it, I want to teach it”. After speaking to the instructor after the class asking her how to get on a course I went home and scrolling the Zumba website and got on a course!

Now you are qualified Zumba instructor.  For the uninitiated, what happens at a Zumba class?

People that come to one (or both) of my classes get a warm and relaxed welcome and atmosphere.
They get an instructor who can completely relate to any body and weight related issues. They also
get a fully qualified personal trainer who is qualified in studio resistance, circuits and first aid. (Not
that anyone has ever Zumba’d themselves too hard to need it!)

After doing the course I did my first (shaky legged) class in august of 2011 and have been twice per
week ever since and I am now 12 stone 13lbs and fit as a fiddle. I love my job!

Think back to when you were nervous about getting fitter and living better.  Why do you think people should give Zumba a go? 

I think people get a workout that doesn’t feel like a workout, it feels like a party and having fun and
before you know it it’s finished because you are enjoying yourself and laughing your head off!

Zumba is different from other classes as its fun, not boring, you have a giggle and in my experience if
you don’t enjoy it, you’re not going to stick to it.  It’s guaranteed that in every class someone is belly laughing including me. We always leave the class on a high!

If someone wanted to have a go at a Zumba class in Telford, how can they join in?

If anyone would like to take part in any of my classes they can text or ring me on 07794040527 and
speak to me confidentially or pop along to one of my classes at Old Park Primary School in Malinslee
at 6pm on a Tuesday or Hollinswood Community Centre at 6.30pm on a Thursday.

Danielle Curran is a trained Zumba Instructor.  You can check out her profile here

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