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The Telford Tommy Awards

Thomas Telford, the Scots Godfather who gave his name to our town is honoured with a set of awards celebrating all thats good about Telford.  The Tommys used to be run around Christmas time on the old Telford Live forum back in the day, and we had fun categories and a it was a way to recognise the contributions of members.

Look what I found!
Look what I found! Original gif ‘Trophy’

Bang up to date and @peteSOMENUMBERSjackson suggested an awards thing for local tweeting superstars, so it’s time to brush the virtual dust from the shoulders of the virtual statues.  Earlier this week I asked for nomination over a number of categories.  Lots of names were put forward and now it’s your chance to vote for your favourites.

You get one go on this (although you could probably register multiple votes on different devices, I’m not the gestapo or GCHQ) so choose carefully.

Winners will be announced around 8:30pm on Sunday the 2nd March using #tommys on Twitter, and the results will also appear here.

Best Sports Tweeter  @telfordutd

Best Volunteer Tweeter   @TelfordFoodbank

Best Business Tweeter  @IronbridgeAAC

Best Political Tweeter  @CllrShaunDavies

Best Foreign Tweeter @shroppiemon

Best Comedy Tweeter @IronbridgeAAC

Lifetime Award  @DanielP_95


See the full story on Storify.




4 thoughts on “The Telford Tommy Awards

  • Totally flattered by the mention – I didn’t think anyone was reading – but don’t judge me on the tweets of @RobFrancis (someone entirely different who seems to swear a lot, giving all us other Rob Francis’s a bad name! I’m actually to be found at @ThinkingRob…

  • Could you let me know when are this years Tommy winners announced?

    • Hi,

      Tommys are taking a break this year.


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