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Southwater, a guide.

Southwater. A £250m development at the shopping centre including a mix of restaurants, a hotel, a cinema and a library with a council office.



One of our local residents has produced a map to help you find your way around.  Thanks Merk, forever in your debt.

Recently opened, is a Mimosa Restaurant. An ‘all you can eat’ buffet style place with the temptation to fashion a Tempura-walled bucket from your plate, filled with delicacies from the Asian continent.  Prices start at £8 for lunch and £13 for dinner. £3 to spectate.  Some pretty good reports filtering through on social media.


Rumours were rife a few years back that American Golf had been snapped up by Nandos, but local teens hopes were dashed when this proved to be false.  Next month, locals, starved of Peri Peri Chicken since even the Shrewsbury branch of the spicy poultry emporioum will be able to gorge themselves silly as our own Nandos moves into Southwater.  Rumours of a Telford Los Pollos Hermanos have gove very quiet.


What else can we expect at Southwater?  Well, Lenny Henry will never be short of somewhere to lay his head as a Premier Inn opens it doors.  With prices from £35 a room, it’s going to be one of the cheaper places to stay in Telford.

We’ll have a choice of Italian (left back or centre back, eh Suarez?) with Bella Italia and Zizzi both opening restaurants, and if you count Pizza as Italian, then make it three with a Pizza Express in the mix.

Mexican & Texican

Telford has been without a Tex Mex choice for years. I swear there was once a Tex Mex place near where the Mill House was, or possibly Pizza Hut, perhaps you can help me out here.  Anyway, we welcome Chimichanga.  Part of the Prezzo group, they seem to offer something different, which is nice.


I thought Ramen were the arch nemesis of Dr Who, but apparently it’s something to do with noodles. You can try this dish, along with other Japanese cusine at the Telford Wagamama, which I originally thought might have a canine version of Mothercare.  Again an interesting mix of food.

UPDATE: Wagamamma pulled out.

Have you?

Of course you have.  We’ve all been to a Harvester before, but that won’t stop them explaining what a salad cart is.  I have shares in Harvester, so please go.  Often. This one opens on the 5th August.


If you don’t like Costa Coffee, Telford is not for you.  Another Costa Coffee opens in the new library, although a 404 on their Our People page means you’ll probably get a room with a vending machine that will take tenners.

Do you like Butter? Do you like Bees?

Don’t panic, it’s an estate agent. I can’t believe its not Butters John Bee.

Southwater.  Love it or Hate it?

7 thoughts on “Southwater, a guide.

  • there was a tex mex place where Pizza hut now is – called Texicana – they did unlimited refills of soft drinks – rarely seen before on these shores!

  • TEXICANA! Thank you. Doing my head in that was!!

  • Love it! And yes we LOVE bees 🙂

  • Do benefits stretch as far as a Nando’s?

  • Isnt Cineworld going to have a Starbucks?

  • About Time Telford gets what even the third world, let alone the rest of the UK has had for 10 years.


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