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Cougar Mums in Telford

Cougar Mums in Telford

*Record Scratch* So you’re probably wondering how we got ourselves into this situation.

A little while back, a lady, we’ll call ‘Kim’ because that’s her name, shared a photo of an abandoned adult ‘toy’ which attracted some attention here on Facebook.

I’m not sure of the exact date, and I don’t want to hunt around for it because I’ll have to be explaining the contextual search ads to Mrs Live until Christmas Eve.

Out of the blue ‘Kim’ spots some more dubious litter not a million miles away from her first find. This time its an adult DVD case, contents unverified.

A remarkable coincidence. Either Telford Central is one end of some weird worm hole, the other end of which is under a bush in the 1990s, or ‘Kim’ is divesting herself of her collection, albeit incredibly slowly and publicly. If not either one of those, then I have nothing further to go on.

If this item is yours, please note that Telford & Wrekin has declared a climate emergency and while it probably isn’t a single use plastic by any means, you should have used the purple bin.

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